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32 products

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As we navigate our new normal, one thing is for sure: your mask deserves to look as stylish as you do. Look chic while staying safe thanks to the face masks from Jules Kae! Our collection of face masks is available in a variety of fabrics and colors to match all of your outfits.

Each face mask utilizes a three-layer construction and a decorative fabric front. Our
masks are machine washable using the delicate cycle and feature scrunched elastic ear loops for comfortable wear no matter how long you need them. Want to take your face mask to the next level? Grab one of our stunning mask holders. These beautiful chains connect to the ear loops on the mask and provide a decorative way to keep your mask handy whenever you need it.

Whether you want something casual for running errands or a face mask with a bit more style for heading back to work, we’ve got you covered — literally!